Pumpkin Carving at The Woodyards

This year has been filled with SO many ups and downs, Happiness and struggles. But there’s something about the holidays that bring me back to the core reason for what I do. And that is, my family.

My beautiful son, so full of life and energy. Most days its quite hard to keep up with him and the responsibilities of being a business owner. It all can become over whelming. But when I take a step back and try to gain perceptive about my life, my goals, wishes and dreams it all boils down to my family.

Cherishing moments like pumpkin carving are memories that will stay with me forever. I want to give my child the best experiences this life has to offer. Show him the world and teach him to love people freely.

I hope you all made amazing memories this year! I hope you laughed until your bellies hurt and your cheeks grew sore. I hope you remember these moments that are such a blessing. Here’s a little glimpse into some of our Woodyard memories!

Happy Holidays y’all!