Meet Sarah!

Say Hello to Sarah everyone! Sarah is the owner of Helping Hands, A Organization company that helps your business and homes get & stay organized!

I have been working with her to organize my office, papers, contracts, emails, calendars Etc. As you can see my office was needing some help!

 Being a business owner your bound to get unorganized. Lets face it, We have actual work to do, sometimes the office is on the back burner of things to do! Thats where Sarah comes in!

Check her Facebook page out here –> Helping hands 

Now, here’s a little info about her!


Can you tell us a little information about yourself ?
Umm let’s see, something about myself…well I am a mom. I have 2 children; the 3rd will be here VERY soon! I’ve been married to my best friend for almost 4 yrs and I think I’d consider myself a pretty good friend and sister!

Favorite foods?

I love food! LOL especially being pregnant, everything looks so yummy and amazing it’s hard to settle on one thing! I am a huge fan of desserts, I love ice cream and I also enjoy baking cakes and cookies and cobblers but I also like Italian food.

Your hobbies?

I don’t often make time for myself to enjoy things I like to do. I get wrapped up in being mommy/maid/chef/taxi driver but when I take down time I love to read novels. Nora Roberts is my favorite writer, all her stories have a little bit of fun and danger mixed in and it makes for an interesting love story! Haha I also love being outside at the lake, going for a walk, blowing bubbles with the kids. It feels good!

Your three favorite blogs/websites you follow?
My all time fave is with McMama. I’ve followed her blog the last 3yrs she has an interesting view on being a mom. But I also stumbleUpon this neat blog with wings of glory photography, maybe you heard of the site? Hehehe I love scrolling thru the pictures and reading the stories behind them.

What does a perfect day look like for you?
Hmm…this is a tricky one because I can think of a perfect day at work or a perfect day at home…well I think the perfect day FOR ME would be a day JUST for me! Going to breakfast w/my beautiful sisters is always a great way to start my day and then maybe shopping, again with my sisters, lunch, pedicures and maybe ending with the pool to sun bathe. I think we need to do this, SOON!

What made you get into being a professional organizer?
Apparently I’ve been organizing for the majority of my life! Who knew?! Cleaning up after the kids and husband, rearranging rooms, my career as a receptionist/office assistant. These are all things that I do well and enjoy very much but didn’t realize it was a form of organizing. I mean I color code things and live by “a place for everything and everything in its place”…I blame it on my mom, she was a “neat freak” and she passed it on to me! Haha

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years…well my kids will be in much different phases of their lives so I’m hoping to survive that! But I also pray that I will be well established with my business and in a comfortable place financially. Starting a business is a scary thing! But I have an amazing support team and a strong faith so I should be able to conquer the world!

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