Lauren-Ashley & Chase are married! – Orlando Florida Weddings

I had such a wonderful time photographing Laruen-Ashley & Chase’s wedding! These two love God, family & each other. I was so blessed to be able to photograph & witness these two come together and unite as one.

Thank you Lauren & Chase! God bless you both!

Their vendors:

Photographer: Wings Of Glory Photography

Wedding invites: Midesign at

Dress: Davids Bridal

Rings: Marks & Morgan

Cake: Party Flavors

Rental car: Coles Classic Cars

Venue: Pentecostals Church

Kasey : 23:20 January 30, 2013 Reply
What a beautiful wedding for 2 beautiful people!!! The pictures are spectacular and have captured the beauty of this special day!!
Kimberly Briggs : 00:03 January 31, 2013 Reply
Love the pictures! LA and Chase are such a great couple!!
Cathy Sims : 04:42 January 31, 2013 Reply
The wedding pictures from Chase and LA Sims are some of the most beautiful, unique pictures I have ever seen. They truly captured the special occasion, and it's evident the pictures were done with care. Thank you so much!!!! Cathy Sims
Amber Barnhill : 19:12 January 31, 2013 Reply
What a BEAUTIFUL wedding, Lauren-Ashley & Chase! It was such a magical and loving day and you could have not asked for a more perfect and sweet wedding! I love you both. -Amber aka Bertha ;)
Lauren-Ashley Sims : 17:38 February 7, 2013 Reply
You did a fabulous job Nickole! Thank you so much!
Jennifer Jones : 17:54 February 7, 2013 Reply
Amazing photos of a beautiful couple and wedding!
Lorann : 18:01 February 7, 2013 Reply
Beautiful wedding! Love the pictures!
Juree Weirsten : 18:12 February 7, 2013 Reply
Beautiful wedding for beautiful people.
Kristin : 19:15 February 7, 2013 Reply
Great couple!! beautiful wedding!!!!!!! :)
Shelly Cannon : 19:48 February 7, 2013 Reply
Beautiful couple and Beautiful Pictures! :)
Chase Sims : 20:28 February 7, 2013 Reply
Thank you Nickole for a wonderful job!
Angela Bradley : 22:42 February 7, 2013 Reply
The pictures are amazing and you made such a beautiful bride! Love and miss you. Congrats!
Ki : 23:01 February 9, 2013 Reply
Such beautiful pictures and touching pictures, you seemed to capture the essence of Chase and LA.