Cayce & John are married! Palm Bay Florida

Cayce & John are married!!! This gorgeous intimate Palm Bay Florida wedding is filled with color, sparkle & a litttleeee rain 😉
I’m a big fan of backyard weddings, This wedding had so much charm! Even though we had a little bit of a shower (as you’ll see in some of the images) it couldn’t stop the party!
Thank you Cayce & John for giving me the true honor of photographing your adorable intimate wedding!

Megen Nelson : 16:35 January 18, 2013 Reply
Posting for Cayce! My goodness, these are amazing!
kirsten : 16:44 January 18, 2013 Reply
Such good pictures :)
shane f. : 16:51 January 18, 2013 Reply
Very beautiful. John and Caycee are great people. The pics are awesome.
Crystal Taylor-Lovejoy : 17:03 January 18, 2013 Reply
Beautiful pictures and wedding! 80)
Cayce : 17:53 January 18, 2013 Reply
Nickole, you are absolutely amazing! Not a single picture (I've seen so far) has been anything less than above and beyond my expectations! <3 Thank you soo much for everything! You will be the first person I call for professional pictures of anything from now on! XO- :)
Diana Fransz : 18:22 January 18, 2013 Reply
Cayce and Johns pictures are so beautiful! Wish I could have been there in person, but every moment was captured perfectly.
Kathy Boynton : 20:19 January 18, 2013 Reply
Wonderful Pics!
Nicky : 03:16 January 24, 2013 Reply
Hey Cayce! Everything turned out completely lovely, the pics are beautiful. Thank you so much for the honor of being part of your day!
Dorothy : 05:27 January 24, 2013 Reply
Beautiful wedding and gorgeous bride. Congrats :)
Kathy Boynton : 09:56 January 24, 2013 Reply
Love the Rolling Rock pic
Kathy Boynton : 09:58 January 24, 2013 Reply
The one with the mirror is one of my favs
Bryon Robinson : 11:18 January 24, 2013 Reply
Hard to believe that's my baby sister in those pics.
Lacie Nichols : 05:56 February 7, 2013 Reply
It looks like it was so extremely beautiful! Wish I could of been there! These pictures are fabulous!
Jace real nigga cacioppo : 08:41 February 7, 2013 Reply
I love u dawggy
Tom Ditty : 13:23 February 7, 2013 Reply
Very lovely photos. May you have a long and happy life together.
Alan Clemons : 14:41 February 7, 2013 Reply
The pictures above are great.
Angela Coleman : 15:24 February 7, 2013 Reply
The photos came out beautiful..feel blessed to have shared this special moment with cayce & John!!
Jalissa : 15:29 February 7, 2013 Reply
They're both beautiful people, inside and out. I'm so upset that I couldn't make the wedding, but these photos really capture some tender moments. Love them!
Heather : 15:31 February 7, 2013 Reply
Love them all it was a beautiful wedding and these pictures show it.
Heather : 17:10 February 7, 2013 Reply
John Willis : 00:25 February 10, 2013 Reply
These are so awesome!!!! I'm glad the wife convinced me to go with a real photographer LOL Thanks so much Nickole, you are AWESOME! :)
Mark Willis : 00:35 February 10, 2013 Reply
Looks like it was a great time, sorry I couldn't make it. Congrats!!
Christina Standt : 00:44 February 10, 2013 Reply
My Beautiful Niece takes my breath away, and these photo's are so creative and makes her day magical.