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I bet you’re filled with joy, excitement and an overbearing amount of stress? Am I right? Welcome to the wedding planning experience! Don’t worry, everyone feels the same way! That is why you have us! YAY!

We are destination wedding photographers based out of Central Florida but travel worldwide!

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Hey y’all! Okay, so this is the section where I am supposed to tell you all about myself. I’ll be honest.. this portion of the website always leaves me stumped. I mean, I can talk sweet nothings about how I love the smell of pine, the beach is the best place ever, Christmas is my favorite holiday and I am a lover of Starbucks coffee but honestly… Who really cares about all that? So, I’ll start with the truth.

I started Wings Of Glory back in 2009 a little after my son was born. I was going to college and waitressing at Mimi’s cafe. One day while at work, after I had taken care of all of my tables and finished all of my side work I was leaning against the wall of the back room. I had a thousand things on my mind… I was exhausted from work, college and my new born baby at home. That was when my manager walked up, glares at me with the most disrespectful disgusted look on his face and snarls… “What in the heck do you think you’re doing?” after I gave the polite obvious answer, he proceeded to lecture me about how he should make me get on my knees and scrub the kitchen floor with my hands since I have so much extra time. It was in that moment ladies and gentlemen that I quit ever working for anyone again. I quit that job and on top of it, I quit college. I knew what I wanted to do. I knew what I was passionate about. I also knew that staying in a dead end job and going to college for my AA wasn’t going to get me to where I wanted. Now, don’t get me wrong… I believe college is a must for most careers but for me personally, it wasn’t my thing. I knew my market, I knew people and I knew how to make someone feel comfortable. People are my thing. Connecting and building relationship is what I do best…Well… That and photography haha!

After diving in full throttle into my company, work endless nights and caffeine filled days my company blossomed. I had become obsessed with seeing it grow and it became something bigger than I have ever expected. Over the years I have photographed hundreds of couples getting married and have built amazing friendships with each and everyone of them. It is my goal with all of my clients for them to feel as though they are gaining a friend… not just hiring a photographer. It is the best feeling in the world to capture all of my clients amazing life steps… engagement, wedding, maternity.. babies! AH! To see them creating a life together. Its what makes me happy.. seeing other people so happy.

After sometime I was able to hire on help (cough cough Amanda cough). She has become a huge asset to this company and myself. Life throw curve balls, theres no doubt about that. And when life threw one my way she was there to save me. Now, I know I am getting sappy and she would be the first to tell me to hush up, but it is the truth. She’s a true blessing. Her and I have been photographing weddings together for a couple years now and I couldn’t do it without her.

If you haven’t already click the “Meet Nikki” tab on the home page to see a video of behind the scenes footage, my little dude and a little bit more about my life!




Wow! What is there is say about me? Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to honor, No that’s not right; Hi my name is Amanda and I like long walks on the beach! Dang that still isn’t right!
Well as you can see I am kind of awesome and funny, better yet both at the same time. Well first and foremost I love my life and everyone I have in it! Without them I would honestly be nowhere. The people in that take the number 1 spot is my Husband and my awesome kids. They make me who I am today; sarcasm and all. Emma gives me strength and Adam gives me a kind heart to love more! Jon on the other hand gives me a smile and grey hair. I love them all to pieces.
I jumped from job to job and now I finally found my passion in photography! Nikki gave me a chance, and that’s where the magic began. We have been friend for close to 15 years, and just mesh so well together. Photography gives us such an amazing opportunity to capture one of the most memorable days of your life, and I am beyond honored to do so.




To Deliver exceptional work and build long lasting friendships with all of our clients. We become very close throughout the planning process, especially at the engagement sessions and wedding day! It is our goal to make our clients feel extremely natural and comfortable while being photographed. Having a camera in our face can be quite awkward at times and we know just how to ease the “weirdness” and enjoy the experience.